is a free, open-source patch source for Jamf Pro administrators to publish patch definitions they maintain for the broader Jamf community to subscribe to.


This documentation covers CommunityPatch Beta2.

Subscribing to Contributors

Each Contributor to CommunityPatch maintains their own set of software titles that any Jamf administrator can subscribe to. If you wish to use the definitions provided by a subscriber, you may do so using their unique ID.


Each Contributor on this service acts as an independent external patch source. Refer to Jamf’s documentation to learn more about external patch sources.

In Jamf Pro, navigate to Settings > Computer Management > Patch Management. Click the + New button to add a new external patch source.

Provide a Display Name and enter the address for the Contributor’s source into the Server and Port field as follows:{CONTRIBUTOR_ID}

After saving, use the Test option to verify Jamf Pro can successfully connect to the


Managing Software Titles as a Contributor

Become a Contributor and manage patch definitions for the community by registering.


Use your API token to manage patch definitions for your and the community’s use.

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